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Indian Institute of Mind Dynamics[IIMD] is a personal growth and self development training organization.
IIMD has got many objectives, however, its main focus on Memory, Brain Power and Study Skills. IIMD believe that awareness and growth belongs to the basic underpinning, Memory & Brain Power which everyone needs to have in their life foundation. The ability to grow, develop and become the leader in their own area of life with understanding and respect to all they meet and interact with.

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Unlock the Powerful Memory in you.

Indian Institute of Mind Dynamics You don't have to be an Albert Einstein or Sir M. Visweshwaraiah to remember a lot of things. Just learn…"The Simple Secrets behind Great Memory."

Indian Institute of Mind Dynamics, using 3 Dimensional Memory System, helps you unleash the memory power that is hidden in you.

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Indian Insitute of Mind Dynamics

Indian Institute of Mind Dynamics

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